What is Collection Armor?

Collection Armor is the next step in the evolution of comic book storage that will actually protect your comic books from potential damage.


What does it do?
With Collection Armor, your comics and long (or short) boxes will experience a level of safety and security that has never before been available, at a price that just makes sense. Collection Armor creates a barrier between your box full of comics and the dangers of; harmful light, water, moisture and humidity, atmospheric pollutants (like smoke), mildew, mold, paper eating insects, and rodents.
Collection Armor is made from a Foil Barrier film. This film formed into a pouch that is sealed at to top with a heavy duty zipper to create an internal environment that is water/vapor proof, grease proof, and flexible. This foil barrier film is typically used in military applications for moisture/oxygen sensitive items.

box- boxin-on-armor

Protect what you collect